Roberto Roverselli – Vocals

I started singing almost by chance, even if chances does not exist, in 2007. A band of a great friend of mine was looking for a new singer and he instinctively asked me to join them, after having heard me sining during some shows we were watching! After the first difficulties I really started enjoying it, then started studying…and an important passion started!

I still play with him in a Heavy/Doom metal band named Prosit, and after having collected some additional experience with local bands, in 2014 I joined the cast of Teumann Opera Rock. I now have the hnour of playing with this great musicians that, my luck, are good friends too!

Five Albums for The Desert Island:
Vital Signs – Survivor
Operation Mindcrime – Queensryche
Hellfire Club – Edguy
Lipservice – Gotthard
Acoustic Cuts – Richie Kotzen

Favorite Bands:
Tobias Sammet’s Avantasia
Elio & Le Storie Tese

Favorite Singers:
Tom S. Englund
Jorn Lande
Glenn Hughes

Favorite Dark Ages song:


What do you drink before a show?
Natural water…the point is what I drink AFTER!

Favorite Slogan:
It is what is good, Fedro, and what it isn’t good – we have to ask others to tell us those things? (Robert M. Pirsing)