Simone Calciolari – Guitar


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After listening to my brothers LP’s at 8 I started studying guitar, at 13 I discovered Van Halen and so I took on electric guitar; after a couple of years with some friends of mine I gave life to the first version of Dark Ages….the band where I still play now.

Five Albums for The Desert Island:
Nursery Crime – Genesis
Ummagumma – Pink Floyd
Awake – Dream Theater
Revolever – Beatles
Made in Japan – Deep Purple

Favorite Bands:
Pink Floyd
Dream Theater
Deep Purple

Favorite Guitarists:
Yngwie Malmsteen
Uli Jon Roth
Eddie Van Halen

Favorite Dark Ages’ song:

Ibanez Jem

What do you drink before a show?

Favorite Slogan:
The only way to resist to temptations is surrender! (O. Wilde)