Teumman Opera Rock

is a concept album stemming from classic rock opera tradition set in a long distant past, in the ancient Assyrian empire. Teumman is an elamite prince who is killed in battle. In the night, while scavengers roam the battlefield, a demon, Oriax, takes his body down in the afterworld to meet Berkaal, Master of the Darkness, who proposes an oath: if he’ll succeed in seducing Assyrian Queen Namrad, he’ll be rewarded with eternal life. Compared to well-known rock operas, in Teumman you will find more action, theatre, dialogues, deeply defined characters, and a clash of values with an outcoming that will only reveal itself in the end, with a strong nineteen century Italian opera taste. Dark Ages sound, deeply rooted in progressive rock, has multicolored nuances ranging from metal to classical music to provide background to a wide palette of scenes, situations and feelings.